Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still Grieving

At our house for the last 4 weeks we have had a very sad little girl,she is missing her matant and her Mama Darlene and her little Sister Jessica. we have had long days where she is very Sad and just can not understand why we can not just go see them. we have had long talks and just sitting down with her and cuddling and holding her. She just breaks my heart. There are some day's when you hear stories that these little sweet kids have seen and gone through that just Breaks your heart how can such sweet little kids have to go through so much and know more about life then we ever will. But on the other hand when they are smiling and just loving life it makes you smile to know they can now be kids!!
Hang in there Sweet Nerlange We love you.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The First of Many Christmas

 We have had a very Enjoyable Christmas,Fabrice had so many Questions of How Santa would get in our house and Would he be able to see him. He had written a letter to Santa about the 3 things he wanted which was some candy,a bike and a surprise toy. He loved his Remote control car but he was not a big fan of the books Santa left him. He just had a big smile all day long and said Santa is one nice guy.  Yonelson was just the best he truly appreciates every present he received from Santa even the Books. He just loves Life and all he gets from it! Nerlange was such a sweet little girl she loved all the toys and dress's and her Baby doll's
She said to me after we where done unwrapping toys and cleaning up,"That Santa is a nice man I love him". I am so glad you love Santa and I am so glad you where able to be Home to love the Christmas spirit.  After we unwrapped the presents we went over to Dave's sister to have a brunch and while we where driving through are Neighborhood he asked if everyone had received gift's I love that he is still concerned about other people.  I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas and i love that this will be the First of Many Christmas  for the younger kids!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I think he can do Anything!!

Fabrice in Haiti in October 2009
We first met and had fabrice in our family when we traveled to Haiti in October 2009, we all ways had a conecction to him that me and dave could not eplain we just thought he was such an amazing young man that you could tell there was something special about him. In August we recieved a email from our adoption cordinator saying that the family that was adopting fabrice would no longer be adopting him, we had become a very close knit parent group that traveled toogether to Haiti to vist our kids so our adoption agengy was letting us know so when we traveled and did not see Fabrice we would know why. When we read this it just broke our heart because here this young man who probably dreamed about what his life was going to be like now again did not have a family. we thought of who could adopt him but then it came to both of us "HEY HE IS MEANT TO COME HOME TO US!" that is why we had such a connection with him. so we started the process. Fabrice is such a great young man he is all ways looking out for Dave parents it is the sweetest thing. He is so Happy that he has such a big family and extended family he can do I believe any kind of sport that he wants to. He is not afraid to try anything he has such great confidence in Himself. He is one sweet and very spiritual young man he all ways reminds people to go to church! Wow we just love him and we are so glad that we where able to add him to our family. we love you Fabrice you make us so proud!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not even the same

Yonslon now!! December 2010

Yonelson Before (ocotber 09 trip)
I remember being so Worried About Yonelson and when he did make it home  How where we going to bring out the smiles in him. Every visit to Haiti Little Yonelson never smiled, I believe he had lost his mom and he just felt like he had nothing. Out of the three kids he would be the most upset when we had to give him to the Aunties or whoever would show up in the van to take them back to the orphanages. But now we do not need to worry he is not even the same kid he is so full of life and he is our little comedian. He is also the kid that is not afraid to try any new foods  he is also the one that is still amazed at all the new things in life. He just make your heart feel so good about everything!! We love you so much Yonelson and we could not imagine life with out you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have recieved the best gift already

On December 11 we received the best gift we became sealed to our three younger kids at the Salt lake temple,so we are now a family Forever,WOW.
It was such a beautiful day and we where blessed to have great friends and family there. I can not believe it was this soon I really believed that fabrice would be 12 before  he came Home to be sealed to us,and I remember thinking last year that maybe by this next summer that Yonelson and Nerlange would be home. So seeing them on Saturday was such a blessing and sometimes so unreal,Wow. Blessings sometimes come out of such Horrible things.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its been a busy month already

So i have not  been keeping up lately it is a busy month and we are barely into it. we started out setting up the Christmas tree which the kids just loved but i think they didi not understand it all the way they kept asking if the next day santa was coming, I told them no we had lots of weeks until then.
We also had our ward Christmas party which the kids where part of they asked fabrice to be one of the wise-man and nerlange was a angel and yonelson one of the shepherds. Fabrice just loved the party at the end of the night he asked if we could do it again since it was so much fun!
we also have had fun decorating gingerbread man and christmas cookies. it is just so fun teaching them all about the fun Holiday stuff!! But we also have had one little Nerlange missing her Mom and asking if she could go tell her all about the fun stuff but she also just wants to come back right after. so I am sure it is when you are doing something fun and you just wish everyone could experience it also. I just have to reassure her that her Mom loved her so much and that is why she is here with us. Well 12 more days until that jolly old man comes to give these three sweet kids there first christmas WOW !

Friday, November 26, 2010

look at the big chicken

We had so much to be grateful for this year! We spent several weeks talking to the kids about Thanksgiving and all they cared about was the big chicken they where going to eat. On thanksgiving Morning Fabrice and Dave spent the morning getting the turkey ready to cook,Dave knows how to make a good turkey. This was our first Thanksgiving in 2 years to be able to be home and not eating dinner at Primary children Hospital. It was so nice to be able to hear what everyone was thankful for,when we got to Yonelson he said I am Thankful for Nothing,But he later came back and said He was thankful for his family. Nerlange was thankful for everyone and everything,Fabrice was thankful for his Family also. The kids loved the turkey but nothing else, they also where not a big fan of pie but they did like cool whip.
I remember last year we where Thankful for adding Fabrice to our family and this year I am so Thankful to see him play and have fun and not have to worry about life like a old man.
Last year I was Thankful that both Nerlange and yonelson looked pretty Healthy on the trip in October,This year I am Thankful that they have grown so much and Yonelson is just the Happiest funniest kid ever and Nerlange is turning into a little care taker and is always looking out for her brothers and sister,I am also so Thankful for our older kids that have been such great Big Brothers and sister and have helped the little ones with learning new things and help them when they are struggling. I love you so much! I also am Thankful for the Great Man that I married he takes care of us and works so hard to make sure we are taken care of and Happy. you are such a great example to our kids. I love you!
Nerlange at the kid Table
Waiting for the Big feast!
Fabrice Helping Dad prepare the Turkey

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Just gotta love your Doctor!

 It has been a week officially since Kaleb's surgery so far all has went well,the surgery lasted 4 hours and they where able to do everything like they planed. He only had to stay in the Hospital 3 days and this week he is feeling good other then at night when we have to give him his blood thinner shot's,but they are way better then a blood clot that makes you not able to breath. This should be Kaleb's last surgery,They will remove the pins in his sheen in the Doctors office, I hope i don't pass out but that sounds Gross and Bad. I am very thankful for Kaleb's Orthopedics doctor he is so great,If you ever need one his Name is Dr.Klatt, when Dr. klatt came in on Sautrday to check on Kaleb, Kaleb had written a nice letter with a picture of him in His Football gear to thank Dr. klatt for helping him get his legs better so he was able to play football without all the pain. It was a very sweet letter. I guess Dr.klatt took it to show his Mom and later That evening he came back to the Hospital with his Mom. His mom said she had to come and meet kaleb since she has heard a lot about him,(not that many kids get a blood clot after leg surgery) I just think that shows what a great man Dr. klatt is to still be this way with his mom. I am thankful for the Great doctors and Great Hospital we have! so my sweet little boy is still around to celebrate this Thanksgiving!
                                            Yes that is Yonelson with a tutu on his head and waist. He is one funny little Boy.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Being Thankful

During this time of the year when we are thinking about what we are thankful for, I have been thinking about how my three little ones all ways say "I Need water",which I am sure something they all ways did need and wanted. I remember when we would travel to Haiti when we got to the Airport in Florida getting ready to board the last plane on our way to Haiti we all would stock up on Water because this would be your last opportunity to get clean water until we made it to the Hotel. Now we hear about the cholera break out and all those news reports saying that all Haiti needs is clean water to help with this out break. That is easer said then done,and sometimes it makes me so mad.Then we all ways have people piping up come on Help the people here. I agree fully we need to help here but the people struggling in America have clean water. I hope people during this time can remember the simple things in life that we should be thankful for, My sweet little ones remind me all the time about the things we just take for granted. I am so Thankful that they are home safe and sound and we can enjoy the Holidays together.

Monday, November 15, 2010

He has waited so long

On November 7th Fabrice had his Baptism Day he has waited so long,we had to wait until we had official adopted them then he had the Missionary lessons.  He was so excited to become a member of the LDS church. He counts down to every sunday and he makes sure everyone goes to church,Even when we are not around he tells his grandpa that they need to go to church. He is one special Kid. His Baptism day was so nice they let him be Baptized on a Sunday and he had so much support from Family and friends and from his friends that are from Haiti That will Hopefully remain like Family. We have so much support from our great Ward and Bishopric. I hope it will be day that fabrice remembers.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

 This year we where back too Trick or treating,our Older kids went with there friends. so Me and Dave took the little ones around are neighborhood. We had spent weeks talking about how you dress up and go to peoples door and say trick or treat and then they give you candy. The first house they where a little nervous,but then they realized it really Happens ,then after that they where running to the house's.
 It was so fun on Friday the school had there Halloween parade and the kids had so much fun.
 Yonelson was Micheal Jackson,But he was all ways wearing his wig wrong and looked a little like George Washington.
Nerlange was Princess Tiana she was cute as ever,she was a little scared with some of the costumes But she loved the Candy and that made it all better.
Fabrice was a dead Zombie and it was cute because when we first started putting the green face paint and the fake scars he was worried that it would not come off if we put it on. But then we showed him how it would wash off.  We can say they are a fan of Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

He loved his birthday

Fabrice turned  9 on November 17,I believe he started counting down the days to his birthday3 weeks before everyday he asked me how long. we had asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He told us first he wanted a scooter,then I think he started thinking about ti more then he remember that when we went to Haiti in October that Kolbie and Kaleb had borrowed Payton's PSP so they had something to do on the long flights. well after a few days fabrice asked if he could play with it and he just loved it. On the last morning when we where getting them ready to go back to the orphanage Fabrice asked if he could take Dave's deodorant and the combs and his toothpaste and tooth brushes then he asked about the PSP and at first we said no but then he said I promise I will take care of it,we knew what would happen to it once he went back with it. but We could not say no. so then started telling everyone he wanted the little game he played in Haiti,so Daves family got together and bought him one,when he say it he got the biggest smile. He loved his birthday and all of his present's !! He really loved the Sprite and spicy chicken. Fabrice is very excited this week he has started taking The missionary lesson's so he can get baptized. We feel so blessed to have him in our life,I know how Fabrice came to us was meant to be. We love you so much fabrice.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Matters is simple things

Life is about Simple Things!

This weekend we went to Daves Great Aunt's Funeral.It was a great celebration of her life,all of the speakers talked about how great her Hugs where,How she made each child and grandchild fill like they where her favorites,they also talked about how great her food was. Just all the simple things about life.There was no talk about anything Materialistic.

Last weekend we had our fall conference and  I really enjoyed the talk from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf He said in part of his talk to slow down and keep it simple.

This Morning we had fast and Testimony meeting,Fabrice leaned over to Dave and said I need to go talk and he meant it, he told Dave what he wanted to say and it was so sweet because he kept practing what he wanted to say, after he felt good about it he walked up to the Podium but someone was speaking so he sat on the bench and he looked so nervous but then it was his turn and he said what he wanted to say with such Meaning and it was so simple, the next thing you heard was lots of sniffles and smiles. Then this older gentleman felt after fabrice talk to go and bear his testimony.
He is one special spirt and he is meant to do something very special.
So when you get caught up in the worldly things remember all that matters is simple things.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

She is not a Tomboy

 So Nerlange started Soccer but we soon fund out she likes to play it with her brothers,when they will let her. But she is way more into Girly stuff.
 Plus she really did not like being a Goalie. So we have since put her into Dance classes which she just loves.
Now She really like's making her Little Brother Yonelson  dance with her and plus he has learned to play Barbies with her.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Life can change so fast...

So This time last year I was so excited because we had 15 more days until we would be on our way to Haiti,little did we know that would be our last trip to visit the kids.

Now they are Home and I am saying to them Time to get up we need to get ready for school, Now we are going to there soccer games and watching them at dance practice. Plus we get to plan there Birthday party's and teach them all about Halloween and Thanksgiving and see there faces when the leaves are changing colors on the trees.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I want to try!!!

 we had a friend sleepover a couple of weeks ago. We decided to show them what a demolition derby at the state fair was,we ended up being a little bit early so the kids kept asking if they could try some of rides,so when they ask and  they give us the smiles:) we had to let them try.
As you can see in the one picture fabrice was excited but a little bit scared
we did end up at the derby but they where more impressed with the rides but you can not blame them they are pretty fun and maybe they where wondering why we would wreck prefectly good cars.

Monday, September 27, 2010

We are doing the Happy Dance

SO WE  have our decree all signed!!! The judge signed it on the 21st of september. our lawyer recieved it on friday!!!! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuff we Do to pass Time Or just to make Lfe crazy

 So Life is so fun But busy we go from practice to practice,Then on the other night's we go to Soccer game's then football game's
 Then after practices we fit in Homework and dinner then oh It is time for Bed. Some times I am so tired and confused about where i need to be or what i need to do, but it is so worth it when i see the smiles on the faces and to hear the recap of what they did and how they feel abut there games.  It will be sad when the season's are over but then we get to start with the Holidays and Fabrice will still have Indoor Soccer games and the little one's are in Dance. I will post pictures of that next time because Yonelson has the Biggest smile when he is in his classes!!
P.S. We are still waiting on the Judge:(

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Offical But not really

We just need a signature.....

So we had our court date and we met the judge told him all that we had to do to get our kids adopted in Haiti,he has learned that we have been checked by every Government office in the united states,plus the Haitian government But I guess that is not good enough for our Judge he wants a paper with our fingerprints. But i guess he does not realize with all the high tech computers that they do not use Ink and paper. but we have a great adoption agency and they are writing letters in our behalf  and our Lawyer has been great updating us and letting us know what is going on. so I hope today we hear that he is satisfied and has signed our papers so we can officially say that we have Adopted them. But if you ask our kids they are Aitken's!

Waiting for the Judge
We had a date!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She is 6 and growing up so fast

On September 7th Nerlange had her first real Birthday,she was so excited for her Birthday but she was also overwhelmed. We had the family over and she loved all of her presents. we made Ice cream cake cupcakes,since she loves Ice cream cones.
The other night we where watching some of the video we took on are first trip to meet Nerlange and Yonelson. She seemed so little.
she is so sweet and I can not wait to see what a great girl she will grow up to be.