Monday, December 13, 2010

Its been a busy month already

So i have not  been keeping up lately it is a busy month and we are barely into it. we started out setting up the Christmas tree which the kids just loved but i think they didi not understand it all the way they kept asking if the next day santa was coming, I told them no we had lots of weeks until then.
We also had our ward Christmas party which the kids where part of they asked fabrice to be one of the wise-man and nerlange was a angel and yonelson one of the shepherds. Fabrice just loved the party at the end of the night he asked if we could do it again since it was so much fun!
we also have had fun decorating gingerbread man and christmas cookies. it is just so fun teaching them all about the fun Holiday stuff!! But we also have had one little Nerlange missing her Mom and asking if she could go tell her all about the fun stuff but she also just wants to come back right after. so I am sure it is when you are doing something fun and you just wish everyone could experience it also. I just have to reassure her that her Mom loved her so much and that is why she is here with us. Well 12 more days until that jolly old man comes to give these three sweet kids there first christmas WOW !


  1. Destina talks about Nerlange's mom too! It must be hard for her to be doing all the fun things and know that her mom is missing out. I don't know who is more excited at our house me or the girls it will be a fun Christmas for sure!