Saturday, December 25, 2010

The First of Many Christmas

 We have had a very Enjoyable Christmas,Fabrice had so many Questions of How Santa would get in our house and Would he be able to see him. He had written a letter to Santa about the 3 things he wanted which was some candy,a bike and a surprise toy. He loved his Remote control car but he was not a big fan of the books Santa left him. He just had a big smile all day long and said Santa is one nice guy.  Yonelson was just the best he truly appreciates every present he received from Santa even the Books. He just loves Life and all he gets from it! Nerlange was such a sweet little girl she loved all the toys and dress's and her Baby doll's
She said to me after we where done unwrapping toys and cleaning up,"That Santa is a nice man I love him". I am so glad you love Santa and I am so glad you where able to be Home to love the Christmas spirit.  After we unwrapped the presents we went over to Dave's sister to have a brunch and while we where driving through are Neighborhood he asked if everyone had received gift's I love that he is still concerned about other people.  I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas and i love that this will be the First of Many Christmas  for the younger kids!

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  1. Glad to hear you all had a great Christmas !We are grateful to have many, many Christmas's to look forward to together !