Thursday, December 23, 2010

I think he can do Anything!!

Fabrice in Haiti in October 2009
We first met and had fabrice in our family when we traveled to Haiti in October 2009, we all ways had a conecction to him that me and dave could not eplain we just thought he was such an amazing young man that you could tell there was something special about him. In August we recieved a email from our adoption cordinator saying that the family that was adopting fabrice would no longer be adopting him, we had become a very close knit parent group that traveled toogether to Haiti to vist our kids so our adoption agengy was letting us know so when we traveled and did not see Fabrice we would know why. When we read this it just broke our heart because here this young man who probably dreamed about what his life was going to be like now again did not have a family. we thought of who could adopt him but then it came to both of us "HEY HE IS MEANT TO COME HOME TO US!" that is why we had such a connection with him. so we started the process. Fabrice is such a great young man he is all ways looking out for Dave parents it is the sweetest thing. He is so Happy that he has such a big family and extended family he can do I believe any kind of sport that he wants to. He is not afraid to try anything he has such great confidence in Himself. He is one sweet and very spiritual young man he all ways reminds people to go to church! Wow we just love him and we are so glad that we where able to add him to our family. we love you Fabrice you make us so proud!!

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