Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What cute kids to see in the Email

We recieved these in our email this morning what a great thing to see! They all look Healthy and not to skinny. It's so fun to see there little things you have learned about them just from the few trips. Yonelson all ways wants his shirt nicely buttoned up, and sweet but mischief Nerlande with her Smiles but yet you can tell she will be a handful (we will love it) and Fabrice he all ways looks very Handsome We can not wait to get to know him better on this upcoming trip.

We have been very busy this last few weeks 2 weeks ago Dave and his little brother where asked to speak at a fireside in Provo. It was a very nice Evening to hear them speak about how trials turn into blessings and what effect Home teaching can have on a family. Then on last Tuesday we where at the Ride BMX Nora cup Award at the House of Blues in Las vegas. (wow life is strange some time) Now we are home getting ready to travel to Haiti to see our sweet kids in just 3 weeks. We are busy making sure we have all the goodies the kids need and Donations for the O.

We love you guys and can not wait to see you guys in a few weeks.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Such a Great laugh!!

Nerlande has such a laugh!! I am so glad that she is able to laugh even with her spot in life right now, she knows how to laugh. It taught me something no matter what you are dealt with in life look past it and enjoy life. I can not wait to spend some time with her laughing and enjoying the few days we get with them. We love you Nerlande

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's get ready for Haiti....

Nerlande playing in the pool with her friends and Brent
This time next month we will be getting ready to head to the Airport to make are journey to Haiti. I can not wait to see you guys playing together plus we get to play and get to know Fabrice. so the next few weeks we will be making sure we have the stuff you guys will need and snack on plus we get to collect donations to take down to the O. We can not wait!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Nerlande!!

Today Nerlande turns 5, my wish is that somehow stuff will speed up or get fixed with Adoption's in Haiti and she will be home for her 6th Birthday. Happy Birthday Nerlande and we will Bring you a Present when we see you in October!! we love you Mom&Dad And your Brother's and Sister

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank's for the support!!

Sometimes I feel so blessed at the family I have been married into, you guys are truly amazing and such a blessing. you have supported us in each of our choices and decisions we have made. you are always there with your support. During this adoption process you are right there asking what you can do or buy for are trips so our kids in Haiti will have what we think they may need.

Family is such a big and great blessing in this life, we definitely have had our trials this year and some have been unbelievably tough but one thing that was there and will hopefully never change is the support of the family.

Sometimes we have trials that we don't understand but turn into blessings once we are through the deep valley and are finally at the top of the mountain looking out at the beautiful sky we can say that through it all we had our families love and support.
So Thank you Aitken clan!!! we love you guys.