Saturday, July 24, 2010

A busy summer But Loving it

So I gave up on the hair and went the easy way we added Extensions,I found a great place in ogden that does a way better job. Plus I figured that her hair will not grow as fast since as when we did them the first time.
The first time only last maybe 3 weeks.
So we are starting to get ready for school since it starts in a month. wow where did the time go. Nerlange and Yonelson are so excited to start kindergarten.

The other thing that has been keeping us busy is soccer practice,  Fabrice has soccer Practice 3 days a week for two hours. One night we did have to take him to primary childers Hospital since he did have on episode with his sickle cell but it was very Hot that week. but they where able to help him and get him Hydrated. I just love that hospital.
The other thing fabrice just loves is his Ipod,He now feel secure enough to sing. I just love that he feels comfortable in our Home to laugh and to sing.
We also are just amazed at how much he loves going to church,He told me last week that he wants to be Boss of the church like Harry,so he always wants to wear his white shirt.
We are hoping to have the kids sealed to us in November since there is a very special day for our family.
Today our kids watched the Days of 47 Parade they just loved it,We watched it from our cool House with air. So for those in utah Happy 24th of july!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Amazed

So for the 4th Of July we took the Family To sugar House Park. We explained what the fourth of July meant and how when it got Dark they would shot of these big fireworks and they light up the sky,we figured the kids would love it or they might think people where trying to kill them.
we met my Best friend and her family at the park and they had brought some sparklers for the kids which Fabrice just loved and they brought some glow necklaces that Yonelson and Nerlande just loved.
Then came the Moment of truth they started the firework show and the kids where just Amazed Fabrice said Jesus made them in the sky it took allot of explaining of how we light them off then they fly into the sky to explode. It was such a neat night to  see it through there eyes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A last Minute Family Trip

The Weekend before the fourth of july we took a last minute trip to Fish lake and capitol Reef. We had a great time and Fabrice was very excited because we bought him his first fishing pole,but he had no luck catching any fish.
The kids loved the red rocks and the big lake.
I was thinking on the trip how great it just feels to be all together and how we are still learning so much about each of the kids little quirks and there personality. we also did learn how we need to explain and explain that we will come back to our Home when we are done with our vacation. we thought we had explained it well to them but when we where driving home and we had turned onto our street we hear the kids clapping and they all say "our Home Our Home". I think they thought the cabin we had rented was our new home,it was just a simple plain cabin and I guess they did not like it as much as our home.

Thanks to @FITBIKECO for sending my Hatian nephew Fabrice the... on Twitpic

Thanks to @FITBIKECO for sending my Hatian nephew Fabrice the... on Twitpic

Dave's Little Brother is a Pro BMX Rider and the Compant that he rides for gave Fabrice His signature Frame. Fabrice was so excited now all he wants to do is to go Jump his Bike at the skate park. Thank you Mike you made his day. We love you