Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Amazed

So for the 4th Of July we took the Family To sugar House Park. We explained what the fourth of July meant and how when it got Dark they would shot of these big fireworks and they light up the sky,we figured the kids would love it or they might think people where trying to kill them.
we met my Best friend and her family at the park and they had brought some sparklers for the kids which Fabrice just loved and they brought some glow necklaces that Yonelson and Nerlande just loved.
Then came the Moment of truth they started the firework show and the kids where just Amazed Fabrice said Jesus made them in the sky it took allot of explaining of how we light them off then they fly into the sky to explode. It was such a neat night to  see it through there eyes.

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  1. They are so sweet ! I'm glad they liked the fireworks instead of being scared :) Love Nerlange's headband !