Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are you....

Well it has been a rough two weeks,but we are getting through it. we had our family name drugged through the Mud,But we are still a strong family and I will stand by My MAN. It sucks that all people want to do is tear down people and not give that person a chance to tell there side of the story. They do not ever mention the good things that we tried to do,I guess its like when you are getting divorced or ending a relationship they only remember the crap not the good stuff. I am very proud of my man and I know all those who know us will no that none of the stuff that is been said is true. Plus the only thing that matters is when I STAND BEFORE GOD I KNOW THAT I AM A GOOD PERSON, WHO IS PROUD OF HER FAMILY AND HUSBAND!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Tried our best

Well Yesterday Dave made the Decision to shut down The company that he owned with 3 Great partners.
After 10 great years the economy finally brought a end to a great company.This was not an easy decision but we regretfully had to. I have learned through this and the past year that Newspaper's and TV station like to turn anything into something worse then it is or they do not get the story right.
People like to focus on the negative and never talk about the great things. I am so sorry Dave you are a great man who has a big heart and that is why I married you,I will be right by your side and Just remember during all of this in the end there will be a blessing in it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A boy and his dog

 Today while I was waiting for Dinner to cook I walked into the front room and saw the sweetest thing. There on the couch was Yonelson and Charlie cuddling each other, I am so glad that Yonelson has a dog that just loves Him and they can play ball together they also love wrestling each other. Nothing cuter then a Boy and His dog!