Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not even the same

Yonslon now!! December 2010

Yonelson Before (ocotber 09 trip)
I remember being so Worried About Yonelson and when he did make it home  How where we going to bring out the smiles in him. Every visit to Haiti Little Yonelson never smiled, I believe he had lost his mom and he just felt like he had nothing. Out of the three kids he would be the most upset when we had to give him to the Aunties or whoever would show up in the van to take them back to the orphanages. But now we do not need to worry he is not even the same kid he is so full of life and he is our little comedian. He is also the kid that is not afraid to try any new foods  he is also the one that is still amazed at all the new things in life. He just make your heart feel so good about everything!! We love you so much Yonelson and we could not imagine life with out you.


  1. He doesn't even look like the same kid maybe it is the tutu!! What joy he must feel to be in a loving home!

  2. I love that he is a little comedian. Who would've known ? He looks GREAT !It's awesome to see him so happy :)