Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still Grieving

At our house for the last 4 weeks we have had a very sad little girl,she is missing her matant and her Mama Darlene and her little Sister Jessica. we have had long days where she is very Sad and just can not understand why we can not just go see them. we have had long talks and just sitting down with her and cuddling and holding her. She just breaks my heart. There are some day's when you hear stories that these little sweet kids have seen and gone through that just Breaks your heart how can such sweet little kids have to go through so much and know more about life then we ever will. But on the other hand when they are smiling and just loving life it makes you smile to know they can now be kids!!
Hang in there Sweet Nerlange We love you.


  1. Big Hugs for you & sweet Nerlange ! We will be praying for you all .

  2. That is heart breaking Candice. Sending a big love to you and sweet Nerlange. You all are in our hearts and our prayers. We love you all very much! :0)

    P.s. Gracie is grieving her Haitian family too.

  3. She is such a sweetheart! I know there are a lot of people missing Miss Jess right now. Give Nerlange a hug from us too!