Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh What a cold new year

Wow it is now 2011 and this year has started off with freezing cold temp's! On New year's day Nerlange and Yonelson went to our neighbors house to play for a little bit and when i went to pick them up, Nerlange got into our car and announced  that she did not like this cold weather. I do not blame her the temps have been a high 14 and at night it gets to -9.As We look back on last year we had lot's of trials and so many miracles, we had lots of laughs and lots of tear's we have learned many new things and we had to make new routines, but one thing is we have come together as a family.  I am very excited to see what this next year brings!!


  1. Maybe if they had coats on....jk! It is starting to come full circle with the kids home, it is hard to remember when they weren't here. Destina keeps saying she wants to move to Ooota (Utah) because that is where all of her friends are but I keep telling her it is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer so sorry!

  2. What a great snowman ! We are back to cold too, which has kicked up all the sore throats & runny noses again :)Good news is that we are closer to spring each day. Vania sometimes refuses to get out of the car if she thinks it's too cold.

  3. Collin seems to love the snow. I know, weird. I was hoping to have an excuse to stay out of the snow this year... :)