Thursday, January 20, 2011

lesson's you learn

Last night Fabrice had a futsual game and they where playing against a team that they are pretty competive against. They played a great game but in the end they lost 3-2 some of the kids on our team where upset and very disapointed. But this got me thinking that every time Fabrice's team has lost(which is very little) Fabrice has never once been upset,mad,or even disapointed. He is always smiling and just seems content with life. One of the dads last night said when he sees fabrice he thinks how fabrice must think this is the greatest place. I am pretty sure that fabrice loves america and I believe he has seen so much in his little life that he know's there are bigger things to be upset with.
 Sometimes we need to  realize that sometimes life does not go the way we plan on it or sometimes we do not get what we want when we want it, and yes sometimes we lose what we think we should have one. But there are way bigger things to be worried about. Fabrice has taught us so much in just his short time here!

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  1. Yeah it is all about perspective these kids have learned so many life lessons at such a young age. I try to remember that too when I forget or get upset about something that really is not that big of a deal!