Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day we will never foget

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary that a terrible Earthquake Hit Haiti. I sit here tonight thinking Wow One year ago tonight are kids went to sleep not knowing that there world would become even Harder then it was already. I remember on January 12 last year I was getting ready to make dinner and I turned on the TV when all of a sudden there was breaking news about Haiti. I hurried to call Dave to see if he had heard and he had and we where trying to think who could we call to find out where exactly the orphanage was. Then we found out the orphanage was right where the epic center was. Well I believe from that Moment to about Feb 3 was one stressful thing after another. I am so thankful for the Many blessings we received during these stressful day's that i will never forget. I hope everyone will take the moment of silence to remember those that did not survive and to remember those that are still in Haiti living in terrible conditions. Haiti still needs our Help!!

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  1. Hello Atkins,
    we are thinking of you all & missing the sweet times poolside ! In the documentary adopting Haiti ( On Hulu ) I think we saw the army guy who who was photographed with Fabrice right before he left Haiti. I don't know if Fabrice rode with this particular O or not but we looked for him !