Saturday, January 15, 2011

A day of sledding

 Santa brought the kids sleds for Christmas,so today was a perfect day to Introduce the little ones to the world of sledding. The weather was so warm that they did not wear there coats until the very end,but mainly so when they crashed it would not hurt there Arms. It was so fun to watch them sled down at times they where picking up speed pretty good so we decided it would be good to put on there helmet's. Nerlange on the other hand she enjoyed it, but toward the end she was not a fan of the cold snow and she did not like wrecking on the sled.
 Fabrice is such a little care taker when the kids would crash he was the first one to run down the hill to help pick them up. I was very proud of Kaleb also he was helping the kids fine good spots to go down and if they need help he would push them down the hill and when Nerlange was a little scared he took her over to a smaller hill.  it was a fun day and Fabrice and yonelson want to know when we will be going back!

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