Friday, November 26, 2010

look at the big chicken

We had so much to be grateful for this year! We spent several weeks talking to the kids about Thanksgiving and all they cared about was the big chicken they where going to eat. On thanksgiving Morning Fabrice and Dave spent the morning getting the turkey ready to cook,Dave knows how to make a good turkey. This was our first Thanksgiving in 2 years to be able to be home and not eating dinner at Primary children Hospital. It was so nice to be able to hear what everyone was thankful for,when we got to Yonelson he said I am Thankful for Nothing,But he later came back and said He was thankful for his family. Nerlange was thankful for everyone and everything,Fabrice was thankful for his Family also. The kids loved the turkey but nothing else, they also where not a big fan of pie but they did like cool whip.
I remember last year we where Thankful for adding Fabrice to our family and this year I am so Thankful to see him play and have fun and not have to worry about life like a old man.
Last year I was Thankful that both Nerlange and yonelson looked pretty Healthy on the trip in October,This year I am Thankful that they have grown so much and Yonelson is just the Happiest funniest kid ever and Nerlange is turning into a little care taker and is always looking out for her brothers and sister,I am also so Thankful for our older kids that have been such great Big Brothers and sister and have helped the little ones with learning new things and help them when they are struggling. I love you so much! I also am Thankful for the Great Man that I married he takes care of us and works so hard to make sure we are taken care of and Happy. you are such a great example to our kids. I love you!
Nerlange at the kid Table
Waiting for the Big feast!
Fabrice Helping Dad prepare the Turkey


  1. How sweet! I think you have such a great crew! I just love your whole family.

  2. i still can't get the story of the fish you all ordered up to your room in Haiti out of my head.It's a great story to share about how eat bite of food counts to these kids. Glad they had a Great Thanksgiving & lots to fill their bellies!

  3. I love seeing how much fun the kids had :0) What a blessing that they are all home with you all this year! I still remember the feeling of dreaming of having them home... now they are here and I still need to pinch myself from time to time. I hope you all continue to have a wonderful Holiday season! We love you guys!