Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Just gotta love your Doctor!

 It has been a week officially since Kaleb's surgery so far all has went well,the surgery lasted 4 hours and they where able to do everything like they planed. He only had to stay in the Hospital 3 days and this week he is feeling good other then at night when we have to give him his blood thinner shot's,but they are way better then a blood clot that makes you not able to breath. This should be Kaleb's last surgery,They will remove the pins in his sheen in the Doctors office, I hope i don't pass out but that sounds Gross and Bad. I am very thankful for Kaleb's Orthopedics doctor he is so great,If you ever need one his Name is Dr.Klatt, when Dr. klatt came in on Sautrday to check on Kaleb, Kaleb had written a nice letter with a picture of him in His Football gear to thank Dr. klatt for helping him get his legs better so he was able to play football without all the pain. It was a very sweet letter. I guess Dr.klatt took it to show his Mom and later That evening he came back to the Hospital with his Mom. His mom said she had to come and meet kaleb since she has heard a lot about him,(not that many kids get a blood clot after leg surgery) I just think that shows what a great man Dr. klatt is to still be this way with his mom. I am thankful for the Great doctors and Great Hospital we have! so my sweet little boy is still around to celebrate this Thanksgiving!
                                            Yes that is Yonelson with a tutu on his head and waist. He is one funny little Boy.


  1. We are so thankful that Kaleb's surgery went so smooth this year and that his recovery is going so incredibly well. Yonelson just cracks me up! With such love all around Kaleb I'm sure that he will continue to heal nicely. I am soo happy that you all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving together this year. It truly feels like a dream!

  2. Having a great doctor & great medical care is truly something to be thankful for . So glad to hear everything went well with surgery ! Kaleb is such a trooper :) Yonelson is cracking me up !!!!