Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Matters is simple things

Life is about Simple Things!

This weekend we went to Daves Great Aunt's Funeral.It was a great celebration of her life,all of the speakers talked about how great her Hugs where,How she made each child and grandchild fill like they where her favorites,they also talked about how great her food was. Just all the simple things about life.There was no talk about anything Materialistic.

Last weekend we had our fall conference and  I really enjoyed the talk from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf He said in part of his talk to slow down and keep it simple.

This Morning we had fast and Testimony meeting,Fabrice leaned over to Dave and said I need to go talk and he meant it, he told Dave what he wanted to say and it was so sweet because he kept practing what he wanted to say, after he felt good about it he walked up to the Podium but someone was speaking so he sat on the bench and he looked so nervous but then it was his turn and he said what he wanted to say with such Meaning and it was so simple, the next thing you heard was lots of sniffles and smiles. Then this older gentleman felt after fabrice talk to go and bear his testimony.
He is one special spirt and he is meant to do something very special.
So when you get caught up in the worldly things remember all that matters is simple things.

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