Sunday, October 24, 2010

He loved his birthday

Fabrice turned  9 on November 17,I believe he started counting down the days to his birthday3 weeks before everyday he asked me how long. we had asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He told us first he wanted a scooter,then I think he started thinking about ti more then he remember that when we went to Haiti in October that Kolbie and Kaleb had borrowed Payton's PSP so they had something to do on the long flights. well after a few days fabrice asked if he could play with it and he just loved it. On the last morning when we where getting them ready to go back to the orphanage Fabrice asked if he could take Dave's deodorant and the combs and his toothpaste and tooth brushes then he asked about the PSP and at first we said no but then he said I promise I will take care of it,we knew what would happen to it once he went back with it. but We could not say no. so then started telling everyone he wanted the little game he played in Haiti,so Daves family got together and bought him one,when he say it he got the biggest smile. He loved his birthday and all of his present's !! He really loved the Sprite and spicy chicken. Fabrice is very excited this week he has started taking The missionary lesson's so he can get baptized. We feel so blessed to have him in our life,I know how Fabrice came to us was meant to be. We love you so much fabrice.


  1. Happy Birthday Fabrice!! You are an awesome guy!

  2. What a cool story! Happy Birthday Sweet Fabrice! You are wonderful! We are so thankful that he is in your family as well! :0)