Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuff we Do to pass Time Or just to make Lfe crazy

 So Life is so fun But busy we go from practice to practice,Then on the other night's we go to Soccer game's then football game's
 Then after practices we fit in Homework and dinner then oh It is time for Bed. Some times I am so tired and confused about where i need to be or what i need to do, but it is so worth it when i see the smiles on the faces and to hear the recap of what they did and how they feel abut there games.  It will be sad when the season's are over but then we get to start with the Holidays and Fabrice will still have Indoor Soccer games and the little one's are in Dance. I will post pictures of that next time because Yonelson has the Biggest smile when he is in his classes!!
P.S. We are still waiting on the Judge:(

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