Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time for kids to go to school

The last few weeks have been Busy,We have had lot's of soccer practice and Football practice,plus during all of this Kaleb had some Blood thinning problems so we had to squeeze in docotrs appointment. August 25 the older kids went back to school,Fabrice did not like that he had to start at the new school they built for our neighborhood. But he is getting more use to it. well except this school does not have a PE program and last year he had PE everyday.
Nerlange and Yonelson started Kindergarten on September 1 we have them in different classes.
It is so fun to hear how there day went Hopefully they will stay excited about school.
I have also found out That I believe all of Eagle Mountain knows Fabrice. He is quite the popular  little boy and he tells me that all the little girls run over to him to talk to him at school.  We are working Hard on his English but he still unsure about it,so if any one can give me some tips that would be great.


  1. How fun and exciting for the kids. the only tip i can give it stay positve it will happen. I am sure Fabrice is proud of his Haitian herritage and maybe he is struggling with that .

  2. Good luck with school :) They all look great ! Fabrice is so smart, I'm sure his English will pick up soon especially now that he's back to school and surrounded by all the kids (girls :)

  3. The English will come...but you better make sure that he doesn't forget about Destina!!! I have plans for their future!

  4. I am sure that spending time with other kids will help his English. I know that when we lived in Denmark, my daughter really picked up Danish when she had someone where she could practice saying everyday words with like spoon, plate, fork, etc. It helped having someone she felt comfortable to talk to. Also, It really helped for her to have a play date with someone where she could talk English with as well. It is nice to just hang out with a kid and not worry to much about what to say. It can get overwhelming.