Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He loves a Beach ball

One thing we can not for get when we go visit are sweet yonelson in Haiti is a beach ball once he finds one he holds on to it and wants to take it where ever he can. We have learned that he is not a big fan of swimming but when the other kids get in there swimsuit he wants to put his on.
Once in awhile he will try to get in the water but he would much rather just kick his beach ball around the pool. Yonelson is such a sweet little guy and he has a real hard time when we have to leave. we cannot wait to get him home so he can kick his beach ball or soccer ball around our big backyard.


  1. He is such a sweet little soul :)

  2. Yes, I bet Yonelson will love playing with his family in his big back yard:) Yonelson is such a sweet heart through and through. ;0)
    Thinking about you guys and hoping that every day is a better day for Kaleb. We love you guys! ~Mare

  3. Ok I clicked on the last picture to see if I could see Avrie better, she was more blurry but Yonelson's image was so moving, the look in his eyes are haunting and he just needs to be home with his family he is such a sweet guy I can't wait until he is running and chasing balls in your backyard!