Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not afraid of the water

Nerlande just loves the swimming pool.If we just let her stay in her swimsuit she would. I remember on the first trip she hated the water, but she is defiantly not afraid anymore she will just jump right in with no fear. she loves to swim with anyone that will let her splash them she loves to get people wet, she is such a character.
we can not wait for the big family to meet her and see her in action attitude and all:) We love her so much...


  1. she is fun to watch in the water . Can't wait for some sun & a pool :)

  2. she sure is adorable and very fun too. one time Nerlande really splashed me, then she giggled and gave me a big hug. Nerlande just warms my heart. i love her! it sure is neat how you two look so much alike. ;0)~ mare