Friday, December 4, 2009

Doing better

Kaleb is doing a lot better today they are still working on getting his blood the right level to fight the blood clot. but they came in today to explain the route the blood clot took,it went from the surgery site on his right leg and went up through his heart then into his right lung we are so blessed that it did not stop in his heart they say or it would have been a whole different story. He is not in as much pain today because they also explained that all the pain he had was part of his lung dying off,the amazing thing is that the human body will regrow what part has died off so he should be able to live a full life he will not be able to do alot of risky things until he is off his blood thinners. but we feel very blessed to have a great hospital to come to to help us with our child. The doctors have been Amazing and very helpful explaining things. we also love that the orthopedic Doctor who did the surgery came right away when he heard what had happened and gave both me and Dave a big hug to say he was so sorry that this happened to Kaleb and he has been in every day checking on him.We just love DR.Klatt
we want to thank everyone that has kept Kaleb in there thoughts and Prayers.

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