Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't Worry it will fit

so If you may be traveling this Christmas and you wonder how you will make it all fit and how you can make room for everyone in the car,you can just follow what they do in Haiti just keep stacking the luggage and just squeeze everyone in,and don't worry if your tire looks like it's flat it will make it.
so on this last trip we arrived in Haiti with all of our luggage and they just started loading it up on the little Nissan truck that the tire looked pretty much flat, but that did not seem to bother them they just kinda talked about it and then continued on loading all of our luggage, then it was time for everyone to squeeze into the van and be on are way, but don't worry we had natural air conditioning to cool us off and don't worry if you feel a bug crawling up your leg and can not reach it,It will go away after awhile,eeeh it was so gross but I survived.


  1. That's so funny & TRUE :)We freak out if we've missed an oil change or if we have a seat belt for every passenger. They just keep truckin along:)

  2. What a great post. We always say a little prayer. On one of the first parent trip the small groups truck did break down and they were stranded for a few hours. So they handed out suckers to the kids that came by. it all worked out of course but could you imagine that with our large group today? Always praying that we all can fit. ;0) ~ Mare