Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dinner time in Haiti

This is one of the many dinner times in Haiti,on this particular night Nerlande was not Happy she had spilled something on her shirt and wanted to take it off. Then she wanted nothing to do with anyone.
But then a great friend stepped up and made her little world all right. From then on on this night she would not leave Pete's side. Thanks for stepping up and helping us out Pete it's great having good friends around when you need a little extra help

Plus I would like to Thank Bambi and Her Sister for taking some great Pictures and sharing them with everyone. I love this picture of Nerlande with Pete:)


  1. Your welcome :) I think getting together with everyone for meals is the highhlight of the day (besides the pool).Busy, chaotic & long ... YES ! But the time together with everyone & their kids is amazing !

  2. Those are good times! That is a great picture she has a beautiful smile!

  3. You guys are so awesome! The truth of the matter is that we all help each other when times get a little challenging and I absolutely adore Nerlande, so it worked out for everyone. I also recall a certain time when Marilee and I were feeling a little overwhelmed and Dave shared some very inspired words with me (us) that couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. We are so blessed to be going through this journey with all of you!!

  4. I loved that night! We love you guys!:) ~Mare