Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Have Updates

We Have our updates and some made our day and others made us sad.
Fabrice looks Happy and healthy he is such a Handsome young man and we miss him so much we had fun getting to know him on the October trip.
Then we received this update on poor Nerlande she looks so Miserable they have sent her to the Doctor and they gave her some cream for the rash but Chareyl thinks it might be Chicken pox so if any other kids break out with it we will know. she will let us know Maybe next week or so how she is doing. I wish i could be there to make sure she is not to Miserable but at least I know they sent her to the Doctor. Get feeling better Nerlande we will keep you in our prayers.
Then there was this picture that just made our day because Yonelson is such a mellow little kid that we only have a few pictures that you can see a smile so this pictuer made our day to see him looking Happy and very cool Yonelson love sunglasses:)


  1. Yonelson looks so good! That is too bad about Nerlange hopefully she is not too miserable and Fbrice looks good too!

  2. Yo is SMILING!!!

    That makes me so happy!!

    They do look good. Yeah for updates!

  3. Yeah for updates ! Sorry to hear about Nerlange :( She does not look like her happy self. But glad to hear they are top of treating her. Fabrice looks as cool as ever & I just love to see Yonelson's smile !

  4. Is that Yo smiling? Why i never!! :) Ohh poor sweet Nerlange...:0 if she does have the chicken pox I kind of hope she shares them with our kiddos. bad mom, i know but i actually have a friend up here that is waiting for some little helpless kid to have cp and expose their children. cp are miserable to have (i still remember) but the cp immunization wears off as adults and cp can be deadly to adults so bring on the pox! Handsome Fabrice looks just great! Still can't get over Yonelson.;) Happy New Year guys! We sure do love you!