Monday, November 2, 2009

Mwen pa p janmsispann renmen ou

I will always love you

So this last weekend was a hard one I was really miss these sweet faces. I think it had to do with Halloween,going to a Baby shower and still trying to get back to norm putting the kids stuff away until our next trip.

but I will never stop loving them and will keep praying and wishing that Haiti can get the process figured out.
I love this picture of Yonelson looking so intently at the street and market outside the Hotel.
you can tell he is really thinking about all of it.
And this picture of Nerlande well she is quite the character and also so sweet.

Then here is our Handsome young man we had so much fun getting to know him. He is so smart and sweet he loved talking on Dave's phone to all of Dave's family at home. he would just call them even when we didn't know but Dave's family loved hearing this little voice saying "Hello this is Fabrice,How are you? I am fine."

so we love you guys and we will see you in just a few months!


  1. I miss them too. Three months feels like forever. I love looking at your pictures!

  2. Haiti on the brain 24x7 ! I miss them too!I have unpacked from the trip, but already planning & packing for the next trip to help keep my spirits up :) Tia is right 3 mo feels like forever at this point .

  3. I miss them as well. I was sharing some of our trip with our next door neighbor, Sister May. She asked me tones of questions about the children and Haiti. She said that my heart is in Haiti. Yes, I miss them too. I hope the time will fly by and they will be home with all of us very soon :) With love, ~mare