Monday, November 23, 2009

our yearly Thanksgiving surgery

We are getting ready for Kalebs big surgery that is on wed. morning,He has Femoral torsion so they have to go in and Break his femur then they rotate it then they put a steel pin in his femur and growth plates to keep them in place. It sounds painful and yes it is the whole time he is at the hospital he is on a epidural and strong pain pills that is why he is smiling in the one picture.
We had his left leg done last year and we have to go back in to remove the rod then they will do the right leg. so yes that means we have to have the rod removed next year. Hopefully not at thanksgiving. we where in the hospital last Thanksgiving and now this thanksgiving. But we are very thankful that we can have this done so when he is older he will not have problems with his legs, Plus we feel blessed to live in a great state that has a good children's Hospital.
We hope everyone has a very nice Thanksgiving and can remember all that we are given and can feel Thankful for all our blessings even the one's that are hard.


  1. Good luck Kaleb!! You'll be in my prayers.

  2. Epidurals do work wonders :) We will be praying for you all & a quick recovery for Kaleb !

  3. What a way to spend Thanksgiving, he does look a little too happy! We will be thinking about you, hopefully the cafeteria is serving good food on Thursday! Maybe you and Chloe Moyes should be hanging out together you could compare scars or something fun like that!