Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Thinker

Yonelson is always so deep in thought you can tell he is thinking about what is going on.
Me and Dave felt so bad because we thought to ask someone to talk with Fabrice about becoming part of our Family but we did not think to have someone talk to Yonelson and Nerlange.
Nerlange seemed alright and was not bothered by Fabrice,but We think Yonelson was unsure about Fabrice. Toward the end of our week he seemed to be taking it better.We know Fabrice will look out for him at the O because that last morning he made sure to get all of their tooth brushes and combs and asked where all there clothes where plus Daves deodorant.
We hope you understand Yonelson and we know once you guys are all home you will enjoy having Fabrice here to play and share your life in America with. We love you Yonelson you are such a sweet little boy who has the best smile and we know you will be one amazing young man.


  1. I did find myself wondering several times what that sweet little boy was thinking. He's so sweet though, and I'm sure he's going to love having Fabrice as an older brother!

  2. Fabrice will be such a great big brother to Younlson it will be jsut what that little guy needs!