Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween night.

This was one of Nerlande favorite things to do was to show me a scary face and take her Picture and then show it to her,then she would laugh and show Fabrice and Yonelson the picture . we love her so much:)

Last night we did our Family Carving time it was such a blast we where remembering how when Kaleb was little he would cry when we would carve the pumpkins I think he thought we where hurting them. so cute!
Here are some pictures of the kids fine art work.

Kolbies is the one that drank to many root beers.
Paytons is your typical girl pumpkin very cute. Gotta love the peace sign!
Kalebs is the one that ate the wrong thing in Haiti he has personally been there:) love ya Kaleb

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