Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our last double digit day

Kaleb came into the kitchen this morning and told me that this is our last double digit day then we will be leaving soon for Haiti. He is very excited about meeting his new Brother's and sister.

He did say he is a little scared about the airport in Haiti but he says it will be worth it.
Well only 10 more days and we head off to the Airport see you guys real soon:)


  1. Are Kaleb & Kolbie coming ? Awesome, the more the merrier ! I bet he is excited ! 10 more days Yahoooo !

  2. We were more so nervous the first time we went to the PAP airport as well... all those guys... "Talk to the boss" Kaleb is in great hands though and we are very glad that he is coming along. We are very excited! :) ~ Mare