Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back Home in the US

We arrived home late last night. The trip went great the kids looked good Fabrice had a some skin condition that we had to get some medicine for but by the time we left it was looking alot better. Kaleb really enjoyed meeting the kids and getting a understanding of where the kids are coming from. on the ride home he said he wishes all kids especially his cousins could go there so maybe they wouldn't worry about all ways wanting the best things or new things because he says all the people in Haiti just want the simple things in life.

we are so proud of how you handled yourself and how you wanted to play and help with your brothers and sister.

We love you Kaleb remember all that you saw and did in Haiti!!

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  1. It was great meeting Kaleb ! I'm glad he had a great time. Fingers crossed for Kolbie that he remains well this time :)