Friday, October 9, 2009

This time next week we will be almost there.....

Yesterday we where able to go to the kids school to watch Kaleb launch off his rocket he made in his advance science class. It was very exciting to see all the kids so excited about how high there rockets went into the sky. our kids are very lucky to have these experiences since there class sizes are very small especially for a Jr.high. The most they have in a class is 20. It will be a great school for the kids when we finally get them home and being here for a year when they will be comfortable.
As I was standing there I was thinking how this time next week will be pretty much flying into the 3rd world country we are getting to know so well, who would have thought this a year ago.
Dave and I all ways knew we would adopt because we knew our family was not complete but some times it is so surreal. well ,we are all getting very excited yet sad because we know it will only be a visit and they can not come home yet. but we can all keep praying that something will speed up and all the kids will be where they need to be HOME.

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  1. We will be in Haiti already & have our kids in our arms by this time next Saturday ! Can't wait :) See you soon ! Seems as surreal as it did the first time !