Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your 2nd Bday

 Today Yoneslon turns 6!! Wow Yonelson has turned into such a great little boy,his sweet personality is such a joy to have around he is such a character he is one very flexible athletic kid and does not understand why his kindergarten teacher will not let him do his cartwheels when ever he wants to in class.
He is not the little boy i was worried about in Haiti, i really thought he would be a shy sad, But Nope we filled him with love and Hope and wow you have turned into a great kid. we love you Yonelson and we could not imagine our family without you. We are so glad to have you Home and teaching you how fun Birthdays can be!!

Yonelson in Haiti October 2009


  1. Happy Birthday Yonelson looks like a different kid!