Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Pictures can do a lot I remember looking at pictures of the waiting kids on Wasatch's site and instantly seeing Nerlnage and knowing she was meant to come and be with our family! The same thing happened when Dave seen sweet Yonelson's picture and he could not stop thinking about him and knowing he was meant to come home with us also. The pictures of Nerlange and Yonelson are the ones we saw and loved.  The eyes of fabrice we just love and we still do . He is such a sweet and very good kid, The next picture is of the site that the great groups like Bel Haiti and Haitian roots are trying to get ready to build the new orphanage and school that will help so many kids! I think of how many kids are over in Haiti that are just like my three the ones that just need somewhere to be taken care of somewhere to have the opportunity to learn. I look at the site and I am so excited to see the great Building that will be on this land that they are getting ready for, But first we need to help with raising funds to make this happen. I know there are not pictures on the news to show us and remind us How bad Haiti is. This reminds me of a quote  that I found when i was preparing for the talk i gave in church a couple of weeks ago.
" I do not worry about the members of the church being unresponsive when they learn of the needy as much as I worry about our being Unaware of such needs." President Spencer W Kimball.
So please if you can donate a little to help us Build the Orphanage so the kids will have somewhere safe to sleep and learn. You might think that the little bit you could donate will not help much but it will! Please do not forget about Haiti they still need so much over there even thought the media has left and we do not see pictures every day showing us the devastation it still is very real for them in Haiti.

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