Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maybe He has ADHD

So a few weeks ago we had Parent teacher conference for the Elementary school kid's Fabrice is doing great his teacher says from where he came from and all that he had to get use to he is doing great and she is amazed at how good he is in math!
Nerlange is picking things up and the last few weeks she has really begin to understand  about sounding stuff out and picking up reading!!
Yonelson's teacher well she says Yonelson can not sit still has a hard time paying attention, and is really struggling,she wants him checked for ADHD well me Dave just believe he is Happy to be alive and come on he went 5 years with no structure he almost died from Starvation, and now he is living the American dream! I think we will wait awhile until we have him diagnosed for ADHD.


  1. This is a sore subjust for me. Teacher maybe not all but alot want kids checked for ADHD and i think it is crap (excuse me) You are right he is happy and health so put him on medication that does not allow him to feel, just so thay do not have to "deal" with how active he is. I love teacher and i think they dersreve alot more thatn they get but come on let kid be kids.