Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabrice is coming Home!!

 So Today is the Gotcha Day for Fabrice, we had been on the phone everyday since January 30 2010 trying to figure out what we needed to do.we decide we would stay in Florida until they could get fabrice Home. Nerlange and yonelson where getting a little bored of the Hotel room so we decided to take them to the beach since I am sure they never saw it or went to it when they where in Haiti. Dave got the call from Chareyl saying Fabrice was coming Home and he was on the plane!! What a great moment,we hurried and packed the kids up from the beach and headed to His House so we would be there when Fabrice got there and we pretty much told them we where Taking Fabrice Home that Night. He did not need to sleep at His House we already had his paper work done!
What a great day we where all finally together and we could Now head Home to Utah and be a complete family!


  1. That story still makes me cry!! What a great family!!!

  2. We love you, Fabrice! No idea why you had to go through that extra insanity, but we know you're where you need to be.