Friday, February 25, 2011

He brings people into your life

In this Picture is two very special people, the first one is Holly she came into my life when I need someone to Share My struggles with,Someone to help me grow into a great person,A sister I never had.
When I was not even 18 My mom decided she had enough of me and Kicked me out,I moved from several Friends House's but never felt welcomed,then one night I met Holly, I believe she was brought to my life when I needed her the most, she is the most understanding person who helped me become the person I am today,she taught me that no matter what to just live life the best you could and be happy with what you where given. Even though there was several Years where we had not talked when we did meet up with each other we just started where we left off, I swear sometimes we share the same brain. I truly love her and could not be the person I am without the guidance she gave me when I had no one there for me. The next person Is my wonderful Husband Dave,he truly is my rock my knight and shinning Armour I know we where meant to be and I could not imagine life without him. I know Heavily father brings people into your life when you need them the most,he only gives you things that he knows you can handle,And if you need someone to be there by your side he sends them to you, Just like my great friend Holly!!

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