Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I love the computer

We always hear all the bad things that the Internet has done to peoples lives but I have felt the opposite lately. If it was not for the Internet I would not have found our kids in Haiti. I am so thankful for Wasatch adoptions putting up the waiting child list. Plus I am so thankful for the Internet for giving my husband the opportunity to have a great idea and giving us the great blessings that his company has been able to provide our family and friends. If it was not for the Internet I would not be able to keep in touch with all the new Friends that I have found through our Journey of adoption. We are so thankful for the great help that all the family's we have meet through this journey and all there great advice and comfort. Nerlande and Yonelson it is April so only a few more months and we will be with you guys in Haiti and we will be able to make sure your doing well and have lots of fun for a week. We love you guys so much!
P.S. Nichole thank you for taking this picture of Nerlande it is one of our favorites.
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  1. I agree, My computer has become a life line for us . Especially through out this adoption process.
    I am grateful that we have a computer and & access to it any time we want. It has led us to Haiti and many great people:)

  2. I agree Candice. Without the computer I wouldn't get to see my two wonderful, future grandchildren.

  3. Ohhh man they are soooo cute!!! I fully agree! I never thought I would ever be so attached to the computer but it gives us info on our childrena nd Haiit... I love WIAA too they are so great! Your sweet babes look great and happy! It must be so nice to see them doing well. June will be wonderful! ~Mare