Friday, April 24, 2009

What does TEAM mean?

Together Everyone Achieves More!! We as a group of adoptive parents have achieved alot for our little orphanage and I just wanted to say how I am so thankful for everyones  effort. because of this I feel a Little bit better knowing on this next trip we are going to take some great supplies that will help each of our little children to feel better with a little bit fuller stomach and maybe a little  bit healthier until we can visit next fall. So I hope you all feel good because as a whole group we have done alot, I know we will feel better when they are home in there beds,but until then we can feel good about the blessings we are giving the children in the orphanage and all those that are their taking care of our little ones. so lets continue on the road and keep working  hard at getting the orphanage well stocked with supplies and much needed medicine. I fell very blessed to know you as friends.

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  1. You are sooo great!! I feel soooo blessed to be going through this process at the same time as you guys! I love that we are all a TEAM doing good things for little and big people in Haiti. In return we are blessed beyond words. It's getting closer Candice...soon we will be home with out little ones in Haiti. I can't wait! ~ Mare