Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Other People Inspire..

The Gordan's penny by the inch she has inspired us. We are starting a Penny Drive at our company and I know we have very generous people who work with us. Our son Kolbie has also been selling candy at his Jr. High for lunch and he has made $45.00 dollars so far which is not bad at all since it is all word of mouth through his friends. We also have penny jars at our house for friends and family to drop their spare change in and my Mother-in-law also has one at her house to.Every penny adds up thanks for the inspiration.


  1. That is great! It is so fun to see the kids get involved and take some ownership in helping others, these are great life lessons that we are teaching them and that they are embracing! Every penny does count and together we can all make a difference!

  2. That so great! It's a wonderful way to get everyone involved. Very inspired! Way to go guys! We are doing the same thing up here and calling it "Change for Haiti." Like Michelle said every penny does count and together we are making a difference! Keep it up! ~Mare