Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thinking of you guys

Dave and I have birthdays that are two days apart and celebrated them today. It was nice weather so we where able to have a barbecue and all the kids where outside running around and playing. I was thinking how it will be so fun to watch Nerlande and Yonelson playing on the trampoline, swinging and playing on the slide, and most importantly having fun with there cousins. I pray that the Haiti Government can figure out how to get files through the system faster. we have about 53 more days until we will be back in Haiti to love and check on them and spend some family time in Haiti. we are collecting lots of stuff to sell at the yard sale coming up on Saturday. we Hope the sale will turn out good so we are able to get them the needed supplies and know they are taken care of. We love you guys so much stay strong and healthy.


  1. Can't wait for all of our kids to run around together and play in June ! Still seems like a dream :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Can't wait to meet you both this weekend at the yard sale.