Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a day Feb 2 Was

We wake up tuesday Hoping we would hear good news about Fabrice and we wanted to take Nerlande and Yonelson to the Beach so they could see the Ocean. Dave spent the Morning calling Angie since Monday night she felt pretty good about getting Fabrice on a plane Tuesday. Then he spent time calling chareyl and trying to see how she felt about Fabrice getting  home. then we got the call that he was at the Airport, then a little while latter we got a call that he was giving some press Interview and they had to cart him to the plane. All the while we where watching sweet  Nerlande and Yonelson playing in the sand and staring at the water.
While we where on the road getting back closer to our Hotel we got the call from Chareyl that he was in plane and he was really coming Home.
Poor Nerlande and Yonelson didin't undestand why we where crying.
So we drove to his House and told them that we where waiting here until we got to see Fabrice.
When they pulled up in the van he looked so Tired but also a little worried then the lady sitting next to him tapped him and pointed out the window  then his face just lit up and he could not get the seatbelt off fast enough.
What a day and night I am still pinching myself that they are all home.
Thank you Everyone that helped get Fabrice home!! we owe you guys so much....

Yonelson faces says it all!!!

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  1. I am so glad to hear ALL your kids are home and well ! That beach looks great right about now :)