Saturday, February 6, 2010

They Day they came home to there forever family

This time last week we where rushing to the Airport to catch the Red eye so we could get to Miaim to Add these two sweeties to our family. Our heart was half filled with joy to see Nerlande and Yonelson but sad because Fabrice had to stay back in Haitit while we tried to figure out where his file was. Nerlande was her little Shy self that also gave Her Papa the blink and a hit. But don't worry they have become friends.
Dave had to go help His house volunteer try to find Yonelson,but dave said it was so neat to walk into each cottage and see all the kids from the O.
They finally found Yonelson and I don't believe he has stopped smiling he is a totally differnt kid then the one in Haiti. It has been a whirl wind week and we can not believe they are Home for good.


  1. I am overjoyed at your happy ending!

  2. Brent and I have commented to each other that we've never seen Yo smile as much as he has been in these pictures. I wish we could communicate with him and find out what that sweet boy is thinking.

    So glad they all made it home.