Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a miracle

On Thursday Night we had a return Missonary come over to do some translatting for us.
The look on Yonelson faces was so funny when the guy started Talking to Fabrice. Then Fabrice Became very worried We asked him what was wrong and he told us he wanted to stay at our house He thought he had to leave because the guy spoke Kreyol.
He asked Nerlande what she thought of the snow and she said It is A Miracle.
Yonelson told the guys he was 6. Which we just can not see how he is.
Fabrice told him he was 11 Which is also a ?
And nerlande said she was 5 which we knew.
But through all of this these sweet kids remind us that simple things like snow are a miracle.
We love them so much!


  1. That is great that you had someone come over, I wonder what the girls are thinking all the time and wish they could keep their language and learn English but I don't think that will happen. I am glad that Fabrice was told that he is home and never leaving!

  2. Love that! Snow is a miracle you know, but not a big as having our children home, or sharing the gospel with them. So glad that Fabrice is so happy with his forever family.

    Yo is 6 (D'Joe's age)and Fabrice is 11? Haiti has the most beautiful small little people.
    No one believes me when I tell them the kids age... most of all D'Joe and Jordan. Abie and Kailee are the same size and she is over a year older. Beautiful children. :)~ Mare

  3. That is really neat ! Every time a starnger takes it upon themselves to speak French or Creole to Vania she just has a blank stare.That's awesome that you were able to have someone you know come to your home & translate. I love Nerlange's pouty face again :)