Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So many New Things

So many new things to do where do we start. Yonelson and Fabrice love there Moto everyday that is the first thing they ask to do Besides eating eggs.
Our Neighbor invited the kids over to see her chickens Baby Lambs and Goats Yonelson and Fabrice loved the animals Nerlande liked them as long as I was holding her.
Then on Sunday we had to vacum our Front room after we had a popcorn party and the kids where so amazed at the vacum that they each had to have a turn.
The other new thing is we had Nerlande's  Hair done and she looks so much older but she loves her hair she has to flip it around. But she will not let me get a picture without making faces.

It is so fun to watch everything be so exciting it makes life so fun to watch it through there eyes.


  1. They are so funny :) I love Nerlange's hair ! She does look older & beautiful as always.The boys are looking quite handsome as well. I love to see all the kids so happy & excited !!

  2. love the hair! Destina was happy to see Fabrice at home.

  3. They look adorable!! I love the hair. Abigaelle has a complete different personality when her hair is done. Yonelson looks so handsome in his church clothes like a little Harry. As far as Fabrice WOW he looks so pleased.

  4. I am right there with you on the eggs. We went to Costco and Destina wanted me to buy 2 eggs meaning 2 of the 18 count eggs and I did we are about half way through the first one and it has only been a day. Destina loves to see Fabrice's picture too! Maybe they can get married on Easter and we can have an Easter Egg Hunt lol!

  5. Love seeing the kids doing so well. They are all sooo happy! I really enjoy hearing your day to day life stories. We love you guys!~Mare