Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Yonelson

On Saturday we celebrated Yonelson Birthday his Birthday was Feb 10.
Who would have thought we would be celebrating his birthday this year.
He received Bikes,cars,and a pirate ship,plus lots of Kid Dvd's But his favorite thing was a box of Leet(Baby Formula).You can see in the pictures he could not even put down the leet to unwrap his presents. :) He had the cute Cake thanks to his Aunt Trista and her sister who made it.
We love this little class clown who has definitely came out of his shell and is so full of life and lots of smiles!


  1. So good to see him happy and smiling!

  2. So happy he is home:) Abie did not recognize Nalla with her extensions. ~Mare

  3. Happy birthday Yonelson ! Glad he had a great birthday :)