Monday, January 25, 2010

They are coming Home!!!

 Here is our Update !

We have a plane, we have a plane, we have a plane!!!!! Please stop and say a prayer of thanks.

A group that would prefer we don't mention their names has arranged a flight going into Haiti with humanitarian supplies. They have been given a slot to land on Thursday. They will unload their cargo. They will check off and load the kids. Then they are coming home to SALT LAKE CITY UTAH.

They have some doctors and nurses going down on the plane to return with the children to make sure everyone is getting everything they need as soon as possible. I told them, "They all look really healthy" and he said, 'Then they'll snuggle the children who are scared".

And then I cried a little bit more.

Chareyl is at the Embassy now. She will be there all day long picking up Humanitarian Paroles.  We will be notified as she gets each child's paperwork.

They're coming home, ladies and gentlemen! They're coming home!!

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