Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hanging out with Papa Blanc

So Nerlande has learned that her Papa is not so bad,she and Yonelson always want his attention at the same time but Dave is really good about working it out with them and to give attention to both of them.
I find it so amazing how well they pick up on Electronic's they will fit in just fine when they get home.

We have been missing these 3 kids so much,this past weekend we where looking at the photos that started this fun Adventure, and now we have one more sweet kid to love. We can not wait to see you guys again we hope you are doing fine and we love you!


  1. I love how when you ask the kids how they are doing they all respond " I am Fine " But it is so great how when you ask Fabrice how he is doing he responds " I am AWESOME " ! Such awesome kids. I miss them all !

  2. they are so beautiful! they remind me of aden and adilee... they do the same things for attention. ;) i really miss them! they all look great! ~mare