Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can YOU help a little


We've got our Plan A to fuel this plane ($10K) to get the kids home.  That means you don't have to worry.  Now I want you to worry - a little bit...  We found a few people willing to give us some large chunks of money, but I KNOW this is a strain on some of them.  Will you help us to make that burden lighter for them?  Can we find many people willing to donate smaller amounts of money to get these kids home?

I've updated the Hope for Little Angels of Haiti Facebook page with this information as well.  I'll let you decide how you want to send this message out, but I am asking that you DO get word out somehow and do it ASAP, please. 

Will you start contacting everyone you know to see if they can donate any amount?

Let's see if there's a Plan B where many people can be the heroes here instead of just a few people bearing LARGE burdens.  Let's make this burden light, shall we?

I've got to run to church this morning.  (I'm teaching the lesson this morning.)  I'll be back just after 10 AM Mountain Time.  I'll be back online then.

Please send me an email if you get the call from DHS.  More families have received word, but again, it doesn't mean ALL families will be contacted and that's OK.  Just because you don't get a phone call doesn't mean that your child will not have Humanitarian Parole. 

Please send me any questions.

God's hands have been ALL OVER in this.  I think He's got a little "Haiti" on them.  ;)

Let's trust.  Have faith.  KEEP PRAYING.

Talk to you soon.

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